Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hi all,

Dr. Wasfi M. Abdo,

He has invented very simple, safe and easy to use a chart for gender planning, now you may plan/chose the sex of your next baby. No medicines, nothing to do, only planning, you will get the required results. You need a boy. She needs a girl, now its time for you both to set a discuss the matter, when you decide, we will show you how to do it. Chart cost only US$100.

Results are guaranteed for the second attempt, Money back guaranteed with no question to ask, if you fail to get the child sex that you want. In case of frailer, for the second attempt, we will refund all your money without asking you any question, providing that it is used according to following condition:

1- Keeping balance between males and females, for we will not sell for anybody who needs only males, or females.

2- This chart, is for private use confidential, and will be detailed according to each specific condition of both wife and husband.

Dr. Wasfi (DBA).

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